Safetynet Services Consultant Sdn Bhd is a leading private security consultancy firm. It has long recognised that the private sector, especially in Malaysia, needs considerable initiative and ingenuity to cope with and thwart potential agression against business’ best interest i.e. fraud, corporate crime and unethical business conduct.

Security threats and crime have become more complex, revolutionized with advancement in technology. Fraud is the crime of choice of the 21st Century resulting in great economic  and reputational losses.

No system seems to be immuned from perpetrators as they are subtle and damaging. They are known as the silent enemy that needs to be addressed efficiently.

Safetynet’s ultimate mission and objective is to identify and provide for their containment. We understand fraud, security and its characteristics. Addressing issues relating to fraud and business controls is our specialty


Safetynet is a registered company in Malaysia. Safetynet is one of few private security company that is approved and licensed by the Internal Security Ministry of Malaysia to undertake both criminal and fraud investigations in Malaysia.

HRDF Registration No: 403545-X

License No: KDN.S 1736

Consent Letter: Bank Negara Malaysia (Malaysia Central Bank)- Ref JP1/7228/1/Vol.1(6) DD Nov 14,2000 & 2201/132/13/typ DD July 14,1999


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